deer = landscapegoat

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This post begins a series of ruminations on anthropomorphism, hybrid animals (such as amalgamammals), animism, dancing bears not affiliated with the Grateful Dead, and the panda-monium embodied therein. Let me start with a music video from OOIOO, directed by Shoji Goto.

The video clearly suggests that only through the death of the deer can the rest of the animal kingdom survive (to have a very crucial dance party). Of course, the increased presence of deer is indicative of sprawling human development that threatens their habitats. Deer hurl themselves in front of cars in suicidal fits of anomie, seeking the headlights at the end of the tunnel. One particular deer, after demonstrating interest in psychedelic mushrooms, foresees its own death, embodied in the hourglass symbology and the whistle-billed judasbird. After the deer dies and is resurrected, animals and non-animals may finally unite, stand on two legs, and play drums for the first time.