1986 Donahue Episode on New York Hardcore

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Those who grew up going to hardcore punk shows will appreciate this: when you search “Donahue” on youtube (because I did that), this is the second video that comes up: a panel of punks and skins, a fearful New York magazine reporter, and a crowd full of angsty DIY teenagers.

A highlight:

Phil Donahue: Even your shirt has a commercial look to it.
Ray Cappo, singer of Youth of Today: They were printed at my little brother’s high school.


Speaking of hardcore, here’s a video of Gorilla Biscuits performing New Direction for one of the many benefit shows to save CBGB. It’s a sadly ironic song title, considering the fate of the club.

It’s disheartening to think that the building on the Bowery that housed a show with this much energy is now the site of a John Varvatos store. Doesn’t seem like there is a better place to stage a riot- please just wait until after I spend my gift certificate.