Never Buy A Western Digital External Hard Drive

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My third WD drive will be my last. After a dead firewire port left me waiting for a refurb under my warranty, I began to question my brand loyalty. Despite their low cost, these drives have seemed me in the past to be reliable if not sturdy drives.  Sadly, Western Digital shipped me ANOTHER faulty drive to replace the original one I had bought, the My Passport Studio 500 GB. The replacement refurb was consistently dismounting itself while I was using Final Cut, which was so infuriating that I leapt out of my chair and marched up 3rd Ave three blocks to buy a new G-Drive Mini 500GB. Seriously folks, don’t mess with Western Digital external drives, they’re bad news!

You Tell ’em Henry Rollins!

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an endless procession of juvenalia

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Waves: crashing; spitting game.

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read my lips.


Sextacular Knoxville, Hunging

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Pulled this one out of the spam filter for comments:

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This brings me back to a post from my secret Understanderer blog from 2005-2006.

Materializing the Snuggie

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You may have never heard of Wallingford, CT, but I grew up there and it’s a big deal. It’s the world headquarters of a mysterious cult called Snuggie, THE BLANKET WITH SLEEVES! In fact, it’s the gimmick merchandising capital of the world. Since I was a kid, I’ve seen so many infomercials that mention the name of my town- As seen on TV! It has always given me a sense of self-worth and hometown pride.

At first, Snuggie seems to be a media phenomenon and a fashion hit! But there’s a darker, seedier side to the Snuggie. All of the employees of the mysterious Snuggie Corp. must wear Snuggies- the management claims it is to save heating costs. They are shrouded in secrecy, and in Snuggies.

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I grew up on the corner of High Street and Wooding Road less than a mile from the Snuggie compound (top left corner of the map). The Snuggie website only lists a PO Box, but I called the customer service hotline to find out their street address. The customer service representative seemed friendly, but I could sense fear in her voice.

They want to exist as a placeless non-entity inside a windowless warehouse in Connecticut, but now they can’t hide. Please alert everyone you know that the secret is out, and do what is right.

Domestic Meta-Sculpture

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Holy shit!

When Web Ads Hit the Mark Spot On

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The picture says it all! Make sure to peep the ads underneath this steamy image; this one’s for you, middle-aged nerd women. Obey, Picard, Obey!

Peaceful Morning Newmerica

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I just finished the post-production and laborious conversion of my new HD video project which is a (playful) critique of Discovery and History Channel-type shows which attempt to showcase hidden treasures of the ancient world, and other types of pseudo-archaeological infotainment, as well as to poke fun at visions of the future from a by-gone era.  I do this as a huge fan (obsessive) of the sci-fi genre.  Some of the aesthetic decisions in this video were influenced by the Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode, “Loud as a Whisper.  At the end of the day, I was really just trying to have a good time with it…enjoy! Peaceful Morning Newmerica

The Beginning of Pirated Objects

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As part of my Advanced Digital Imaging coursework, I’ve been working a lot with 3d modeling and rendering.  Part of this involves working intensely with Google SketchUp Pro 7, which is at once an amazing and frustrating application.



Frustrating in that the interface is cumbersome but amazing in that it’s open-source and tons of people in the 3d community have built plug-ins for it ($) which extend the reaches of SketchUp into the realms of Maya-quality photo-realistic renders and also into the world of rapid prototyping, or 3D printing.



Working from a photo on Google image search of a 1986 Mac Plus, I created a 3d model on SketchUp of the computer.  Then, with the help of a plugin from Cadspan, I formatted the geometry for 3D printing at NYDesigns, an awesome place subsided by CUNY, (or SUNY, not sure) that RP’s on the cheap.  Their printer, Scorpion brand I believe, creates three dimensional objects by laying down a pre-programmed aggregation of “support material” a brittle, soluble polymer which supports the final, outer layer of softer, white plastic which is “built” on top of it, layer by layer, each with a separate z-axis print head until the model is complete.  At this point, the model is dipped in a solvent (or something) with dissolves the support material, leaving you with a white, weirdly organic looking, and fairly accurate 3d construction of your virtual model.

What are the implications for this totally crucial technology, especially as 3d printers expand their repertoire of materials and color.  Will we soon be able to merely buy the 3D geometry of our material desires online and output to our home RP devices?  In this event, one must presume there would be some kind of Pirate Bay for objects, imagine pirating a Eames chair or even complex electronics.  The economic ramifications of this situation would be far-reaching indeed…think what the Replicator did for Earth on Star Trek! Click on the picture below to download my SketchUp model for you own use!