Argentinian Graffiti Animation

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1986 Donahue Episode on New York Hardcore

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Those who grew up going to hardcore punk shows will appreciate this: when you search “Donahue” on youtube (because I did that), this is the second video that comes up: a panel of punks and skins, a fearful New York magazine reporter, and a crowd full of angsty DIY teenagers.

A highlight:

Phil Donahue: Even your shirt has a commercial look to it.
Ray Cappo, singer of Youth of Today: They were printed at my little brother’s high school.


Speaking of hardcore, here’s a video of Gorilla Biscuits performing New Direction for one of the many benefit shows to save CBGB. It’s a sadly ironic song title, considering the fate of the club.

It’s disheartening to think that the building on the Bowery that housed a show with this much energy is now the site of a John Varvatos store. Doesn’t seem like there is a better place to stage a riot- please just wait until after I spend my gift certificate.

Sex and Mysticism: A Video Slot-Machine Typology

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Yesterday I had the singular pleasure of attending a fancy beer-tasting at a local casino, Twin Rivers, the only one in Rhode Island.  Due to some arcane blue law, pensioners and unemployed contractors in the Union’s smallest state are forbidden to piss their savings away on any mechanized gaming device save only the video slot-machine.  Upon entering this recently renovated money pit I was immediately bombarded with the smell of cigarette smoke and the dazzling light of some hundreds of gaming machines.  As a collection, these efficient impoverishment-izers display an aesthetic of amalgamated sex and exotic mysticism.  Egyptian, sea-faring, and black-magic-practicing hot chicks all pitch in to lure the unsuspecting Cranstonite into a videographic interface which promises riches through the ancient occult.  I bet $10.00, got $00.29 back.